boycott the daily fail

Today’s headline in the D*ily M*il (I refuse to give them any traffic or standing online), is unacceptable. This headline is a massive middle finger to women everywhere and a tragedy for all young women who will see it, and absorb its message.

This headline demonstrates that no matter how hard we work, no matter how educated we are, no matter how much we fight for what we believe to be right, no matter how much we accomplish, no matter how successful we are, our worth will always be diminished to the state of our bodies.

Not only does it diminish our worth, this headline servers as a reminder that our bodies do not belong to us. Our bodies are always open to comment, to criticism, and to comparison.

We are reminded that we cannot fulfil our jobs without being objectified. We cannot exist without being sexualised. We are reminded that we are not equal, or deserving of respect.

What can we do? We can boycott The Daily Fail and show them that we deserve better, but most importantly, we can talk about the women in our lives with the respect they have earned and deserve. We will make our own headlines.

P.S. I fixed it.

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